Thursday, December 1, 2011


Courtship, reconciliation, gratitude and celebration; those are just some of the reasons that will motivate a man to stand before a balcony, guitar in hand, and let loose a poetic melody in honor of his loved one. 

“Every serenade has something special, a unique meaning, a one-of-a-kind event,” Héctor Escutia, vocalist of the duo known as “Son Café,” said while getting ready with Mauricio Domínguez to perform in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Young people do not ask for too many serenades, but older, more long-lasting couples still enjoy something as romantic as a serenade.”

For Domínguez, the serenades or serenatas are “a way to keep our traditions alive,” and he said that “the new generations have much to learn from these customs.”

Escutia says one of the most requested songs is the ballad, “Tres Regalos,” (Three Gifts) which says: “Love me, because I think I now deserve you, because I was able to get you into my soul: your greatest altar.” Another, “Gema,” is also a favorite.

Perhaps the new generation of suitors will be inspired to use the serenades of the past.
And even though the song might be offered over the Internet, it will still carry the everlasting message found in the immortal song, “Motivos” (reasons or motives):

And I remain here
looking at you,
and finding in you so many reasons;
I conclude
that you are my best motive.

Photos by Juan Miret 

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